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Jun 19 2005 16:55 Nose wheel
Last week I finished the undercarriage, a.k.a. landing gear a.k.a. wheels:
F18 nose wheel
The wheel well doors are white inside, so I bought a paint pen and then I bought a black one as well for various other parts. The doors are edged in black, though it's a lot thicker and sloppier than I intended. The whole thing stinks. Compare with Swanny's Models.

Here's a picture of the completed aircraft. It still needs decalling, spraying, and under-wing stores:
F18 almost complete

I put it outside for spraying with Testor's Glosscote. Then I found out that some areas were unpainted. But that only showed up in the photographs, and it looks ugly.
F18 with some unpainted areas F18 outside for spraying

The point is to spray it with Glosscote to get a smooth and glossy finish, to which the decals will adhere well. Also the decal film becomes invisible. After decalling the whole thing should be sprayed with... I'm not sure, Glosscote or Dullcote. Then I'll give it a wash like it says on Swanny's page.

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