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Jun 26 2005 17:33 Decalling
Updated: Image links; thanks to amblin.

I spent the last week adding decals to the model. Some were very tiny ("no push" on the wings), and some were large enough to break off, like the stripes on the tail. I cut the starboard fin's stripes into thirds to make it easier.

Decal sheet
The decal sheet contains decals for both versions: the US Navy and the Canadian one. Too late, I found that the cockpit interior also has decals to represent the control panels.

Almost completed F18 Hornet Almost completed F18 Hornet
The model is almost complete. I need to spray on a layer of Glosscote and then try weathering it. I've been waiting for a clear day since I do the spraying outside, and yesterday saw a lot of rain. Today I can spray, and it's outside right now.

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