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Dec 17 2003 13:34 Bicycles
So yesterday, just before I turn onto the street where the lab is, the bike chain breaks. I thought it had just fallen off the lowest gear again, but no, we lost the loop. So I dragged it in to work, hung around, then dragged it out again. I half-rode half-walked it to the bike place, which is between half a mile and a mile away.
Half-walked half-rode: no chain, so can't pedal (almost sprained myself by reflexively trying to pedal -- no resistance, so all the effort goes straight into motion). So I sat on the bike and pushed along with one foot or the other. My left ankle had atwinge after a while, so I figured I better stop that before I hurt myself.
Left it there to be fixed, and asked them to fix the gearshifts while they were at it. Walked back to work, went home, had lunch, walked to the bike place again. It was fixed, and really really smooth. I brought it home and put lots of oil in the gears.
I can use the full 18-gear range now, but rarely do (1-1 to start out quickly in the mornings, 2-1 through 2-6 in normal operation, 3-3 to 3-6 at very high speeds, which I rarely hit.)

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