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Apr 24 2005 10:38 To Bryson City
Continuing the account of Saturday April 16, I was embarked upon a railway train in the general direction of the city of Bryson, NC, when my astonished eyes came upon these sights.

Okay, Edgar Rice Burroughs I'm not. But here's a nice shot of th train pulling out of the station:
Pulling out from Dillsboro, NC

Scenes for the movie The Fugitive were shot here. Specifically, the ones where a train hits the Illinois correctional department's bus with Harrison Ford in it.
Fugitive train wreck scene

Here's a trestle bridge across the Tuckasegee River. After this, the track enters a tunnel and the open air cars go almost completely dark for about a minute. Can be scary.
Trestle bridge crossing

Two shots of the train on a curve near Whittier:
Front of train Rear of train

At Bryson City, a tanker and a caboose on a siding. This caboose is painted in Santa Fe railroad colors.
cars on siding in Bryson City, NC

Most of the route is boring, unless you like hill-and-river scenery. Riding the cab would have been more fun. The only bit of excitement was when we had to stop for the conductor to move trash bags off the track. Someone threw trash on the tracks. Why?

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