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Apr 26 2005 08:21 In Bryson City, NC
In Bryson City, we first had a bit of lunch and then I went to look at the famous railroad museum and Lionel pusher.

They gave me (and everyone else) a sheet of paper with about 20 scenes listed, which I had to search for on the layout. Things like "Dog" (it was about an inch high on the rather large layout... they dont' give the size on the site, bah) and "Man fishing" and "railfan photographing passing trains" (that was really hard to spot). A good way to get people to take a hard look at the details, which are easy to miss while taking in the big picture.

I took 9 pictures but I'll show only a couple of them here:
IM yard at Smoky Mountains rail museum Rail yard at Smoky Mountains rail museum

In the meantime the engine had been shunted and moved to the other end of the train. The return trip was so boring -- I can only stand so many miles of mountain and river -- that I dozed most of the way back. Then we went to Cherokee and the hotel. This was still Saturday April 16.

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