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Apr 19 2005 20:30 Outbound
Round trip distance was 730 miles. About 310 miles to Dillsboro, Another 340 miles or so back, or maybe 310, and the rest around Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains -- about 70 miles.

Filled the gas tank at Calhoun/Meeting, and headed up Meeting to 26W. Er, the on-ramps have changed due to the new Cooper River bridge construction. The next 280-odd miles were spent on I26, passing Columbia and Spartanburg. Stopped about 3 times to rest. Cool temperatures.

I pulled a lot of maps off Mapquest and looked at Google Maps as well, but Google maps are hard to download. The 26 goes north from Charleston and about 30 miles past the North Carolina border meets Interstate 40. We were supposed to get on 40 at exit 32B (left and west) and a couple of miles later get on 74 west (see map). But due to confusion over exit numbers we went much further on 40 and eventually exited at Canton (see map) onto 23. Proceeded to Dillsboro (just west of Sylva on the map, the Sylva town limit is just a few hundred feet from Dillsboro downtown) and caught the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad's 1pm Bryson City train about 15 minutes before boarding time.

Map - 26/40 Map - 40 to Sylva/Dillsboro

(Note the town of Enka, shown on both maps. Also note, the scales differ.)

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