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Jun 06 2008 11:12 Bruce Schneier on security.

Motivational poster based on many others. Original image from wikimedia commons which attributes it to under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License (cc-by-sa-2.0). This poster is under the same license.

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  • Sun Jun 8 06:06:45 2008 Luis Bruno wrote:
    Marcus J. Ranum, perhaps? I've always liked his idea of a firewall.
  • Sun Jun 8 10:22:39 2008 Satya wrote:
    Wirecutters? Sure! Or, as some prefer to say, an airgap (which doesn't work for wireless, but the principle stands).
  • Sun Jun 8 16:21:23 2008 Jeff wrote:
    SECURITY - Never before have so many wasted so much on so little.
  • Tue Jun 10 23:46:20 2008 lee wrote:
    Put something in the caption that is encrypted, a puzzle if you will.
  • Wed Jun 11 14:53:40 2008 R. J. Brown wrote:
    What? Me worry? ;-)