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Aug 29 2005 16:25 Rental madness
Ah, haven't blogged about this yet. Tried to get out in May, but couldn't find someone to start immediately. Told New_Place to hold, told Old_Place "can't do, wait till end of lease on july 31".

So, fix up Aug 05 with New_Place, tell Old_Place on jul 07 that aug 07 is last day, in writing no less. Old_Place goes "no, you no give 30 day notice before end of penultimate month, you screwed, get out on jul 31". Lease says "30-day written notice", nothing about end of penultimate month. I'm like, er, what do we do for 7 days?

Anyway, they fixed it eventually and "let" us stay for an extra week -- we paid for it, of course. Never said we wouldn't.

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