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Aug 04 2005 23:22 New Cooper River (Ravenel) bridge
So I've finally posted the pictures of the opening night (that's night before opening day) fireworks on the Ravenel bridge.
Fireworks on the Ravenel bridge
(more here:

This is a big 8-lane (4 each way) cable-stayed suspension bridge with ramps for downtown, Meeting Street, North Charleston, Coleman, and Johnnie Dodds. There is a separate (jersey barrier) bicycle and pedestrian lane from East Bay Street to Coleman Boulevard. It replaces the old and old-old bridges, the Grace and Pearman (I can't keep straight which is which) which are like 60 to 80 years old.

The old-old bridge, which stood alone for the first 20 years or so, was pretty narrow. Just two lanes, one each way. They say it was a white-knuckle drive across. It still is. It's the one on the right in this picture:
Old Cooper River bridge
(more pictures, including a side view that almost shows the Yorktown, here:

My boss has been taking pictures and blogging about the construction at and he will blog the demolition of the old bridges.

The new bridge is taller, longer, and wider than the old ones.

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