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Aug 02 2005 20:20 Netflix queue manager
Firefox has an extension called Greasemonkey (I'd link to it but their site is down right now). It basically lets you add user-defined javascript to any page so you can enhance it's functionality. The Netflix queue manager is a little sucky, so someone wrote a GM (greasemonkey) script so you can drag movies up and down the queue, sort them, etc.

The script is just a few lines, and all it does is import the big scripts from the guy's site at . I thought, why should I import from there every time. So I put the scripts, CSS, and a lot of the images on my local server. Changed all the refernces to images, etc. as well. The original script right-aligns everything, which doesn't look so good. I fixed that.

I will re-release it or better yet get him to accept patches or whatever.

I was telling Gautam all this, and then I said that to use this you have to have Firefox, which 10% people do. 10% of those have Greasemonkey. And 10% of those have Netflix. 50% of those would be interested in this So it comes down to about 0.00005% of people being interested in this.

I have to see what the redistribution policy is on that thing.

Update: is the greasemonkey site.

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