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Aug 30 2005 15:46 Flying Spaghetti Monster
Search Google for Flying Spaghetti Monster. I mean, if I'm going to believe in a random god, I might as well believe in an FSM. Take Intelligent Design (please). Why not just believe that your chosen god (or, to put it in ways that most religions might find acceptable, "the god whose chosen you are") did in fact create the universe, but the method used in your favorite religious text is an allegory or something -- it wasn't a flash or 6 days and seven nights or cut from the whale of a liver, or whatever. It was the process that "Science" is now discovering. Big Bang (or whatever), millions of years of cooling, condense out of the cosmic yomomma excuse me, the cosmic dust, evolution (there's that dirty word again), bam! Maybe "god" does work in a mysterious way -- quantum dynamics!

Most people don't want to understand the processes that drive their everyday lives. It might as well be magic, like Clarke said. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and to most people a stapler is advanced. Hell, they probably think staples are created from FSM's rear end or something!

This doesn't begin to come close to the contempt I feel for people's stupidity.

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