Satya's blog - 2003/11/

Nov 28 2003 13:17 Yay, more pictures
Pictures from the Ft. Sumter trip, including of the Charleston harbor and the Cooper river bridge.

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Nov 27 2003 23:28 Matrix Star Wars
Ran across, and >wondered if anyone's actually done a Matrix/SW crossover fanfic. Or >even just a matrix-as-Star-Wars or Star-Wars-as-Matrix.

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Nov 27 2003 22:48 Option SWcursor true
So my mouse pointer doesn't click where it's pointing, it clicks to the left. So I google and find out about SWcursor, so I stick 'Option "SWcursor"' in the mouse section of the XF86Config-4 file. No go. Some more googling, and I find that it should be in the video card definition. So I stick 'Option "SWcursor" "yes"' in there, and it works. Yay.

Now to do some image manipulation....

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Nov 27 2003 21:24 Cheese in disguise
Ok, this is weak but bear with me. We recycled a recloseable plastic bag (came with mild cheddar), and put a bar of cream cheese in it. Now that's what I call cheese in disguise!

I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes
I've seen things, that're often in disguise
Like carrots handbags cheese....

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Nov 24 2003 17:58 Passwords
harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Someone wrote down the passwords on a piece of paper and lost it. Someone else found the paper. "abysmally foolish", says Professor McGonagall.

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Nov 20 2003 20:35 My stupidity
apt-cache search gnome|grep ^kde

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Nov 19 2003 16:22 Links to the MS matrix links to the ms matrix story on my site, and the 1st and 3rd links from google are for the same story. Whee.
BTW, I read on some site ( that MS's Matrix parody says, take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland. The red pill represents MS, and the "blue pill" is IBM. Does this imply that MS is the Matrix, and therefore slavery, and the blue pill is the free world outside the MS matrix?

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Nov 19 2003 08:01 Goings on
Saw the Festival of Lights yesterday (thanks Tofu), and the train show today (thanks Crawcram). Pictures soon.

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Nov 15 2003 21:03 Bend it like Beckham.
Saw Bend it like Beckham on DVD today. Interestingly, Juliette 'Jules' Paxton, one of the football players, looked extremely familiar, so I looked her up. It's Keira Knightly, who has played Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Carribean (bingo!) and one of the Queen's handmaidens in Star Wars Episode I (bingo!). That means she has a slight resemblance to the Queen, who was played by Natalie Portman. Third bingo!
The movie was pretty decent, too. Funny without being too funny.

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Nov 15 2003 11:11 A C question

int i, n = 20;
for(i = 0; i < n; i--)

You've got to get it to print - 20 times. You may add, subtract OR replace only one character in the above code.
There are 3 solutions.
Ercynpr gur v qrperzrag jvgu a qrperzrag
Chg n zvahf fvta orsber gur v va gur pbzcnevfba
Punatr gur yrffguna fvta gb n cyhf fvta

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Nov 10 2003 12:11 Web-o-trust
I think this is a cool idea, you can whitelist email servers based on a web of trust.

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Nov 06 2003 08:03 Bulletproof Monk
I saw Bulletproof Monk instead of Matrix Revolutions. BM is funny, requires suspension of disbelief, and has some Matrixy elements. It's got Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style fights (including levitation) and Matrix style stances (like Morpheus's come-on stance). It's got a Bhagvad Geeta recital at the end.

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Nov 03 2003 09:28 Universities
I work for a medical university. That means there's a hospital, and a university, and the university students get first-hand experience at the hospital. It seems that such a thing is limited to the medical field. Unless you're going for a high-level degree, other fields lack opportunities for first-hand experience, mentorship, apprenticeship. Why?

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